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  • Five Easy Tips for Cleaning in the Kitchen: Kitsap County Real Estate Blog

Five Easy Tips for Cleaning in the Kitchen: Kitsap County Real Estate Blog

Five Easy Tips for Cleaning in the Kitchen: Kitsap County Real Estate Blog


With the emergence of Summer comes an abundance of natural, fresh and plentiful of light. This could initiate you with the rearranging and cleaning of your grimacing Kitchen. Spring is the perfect time for cleaning up all corners of your kitchen ‘which have been’ covered in winter darkness, rubble, dust, and any sticky substance which has crossed its course. Spring is the cleaning time mostly because of its aspect of natural light, which highlights the hidden dirt and muck like no other. Therefore, we are going to focus on the kitchen area, and go through these five essential tips for spring cleaning your favorite kitchen and bring back its sparkle.


1. Avoid bleach

Bleach has certainly become to some extent a cleaning support in most of the homes. This is indeed bad news for the reason that it is quite dangerous and carries the peril of severe health problems if inhaled or ingested. Even though bleach is used as an easy fix, Regular use on the home surfaces will definitely fade them away in serious extent. Therefore, it is sensible to avoid the use of bleach in purpose of cleaning as much as possible.


2. Kitchen blinds

Kitchen Blinds are generally used in the kitchen to augment the utility aspects. But as in case it creates shadows and also often being placed at that place of the kitchen where it is mostly neglected. So a fine trick for the blinds is to take away and soak them in hot or moderately warm bath to discharge the stickiness and dusk from it. Then carefully brush them over with soap. When it is done, just lay them on the towel to soak up the surplus moisture and then hang them back again.


3. Clean the Cook tops

As cookers and cook tops always tend to get dirty and soiled. One temptation always remains there to overload these with strong chemicals and clean them out. Never ever pour boiling water on and around your cook tops. During the use, repeat in quick succession to wipe away with heat resistant squeegee and the scouring pads. Always check on the manufacturerís instructions manual each time before cleaning the cook top. Never use any product or substance which might put scratch or damage the material.


4. Sweep and mop floors

It may seem like the kitchen floor has never been cleaned, simply because everything that is used tends to fall upon the floor and get stuck on it. Therefore, the best possible way to get a clean and tidy floor is to brush away the dirt, and debris with a broom, also make use of the scrub brush to discharge the stuck particles, then carefully vacuum and mop the floor.


5. Buff up

Cooker, microwave, kettle, toaster, Washing machine, and all of these things of regular use have more amounts of fingerprints than the files at your local police station. You will not get that feel of clean kitchen unless you take care of these things, so it is better buffing up and start polishing the things and items for a gleaming and reflective kitchen.

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