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4 Reasons to Love Washington: Kitsap Real Estate Blog

4 Reason to Love Washington: Kitsap Real Estate Blog


1) Outdoor Activities


If you like the great outdoors, Washington is the place to be. How many states can you live in where you’re a short drive from the ocean, a rain forest, breath taking gorges and canyons, and mountains? We get a bad rap about it raining all the time here, but in reality we actually get less rain than lots of places you probably wouldn’t expect: Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, and even Miami. Part of the reason for our reputation, we believe, is a conspiracy perpetrated by Washingtonians to keep this place a secret. If you do make it out here, we have some of the best parks and hiking in the world. Just keep them a secret.


2) Our Economy listed Washington State as the #1 state to live in.The reason? The average wage here is high. WA is one of only 8 states where the average wage is in excess of 50,000. But what separates us from the other states is the cost of living; Every state with an average salary of ~50k annual had a cost of living near 20% beyond the national average, whereas Washinton’s is merely 2.5%. Not to mention we’ve got affordable real estate.


3) Our Beverages


Sure, there’s the whole coffee thing, but you’ve probably heard all that by now. What you might not know, however, is that Washington also makes top-notch wine and beer. The Yakima Valley AVA boasts 40% of the state’s wine production, with emphasis on high quality Merlots, Cabs, and Syrahs that are acclaimed world wide. Additionally, Washington is host to ~150 active breweries, making it one of the few states with over 20 breweries per million residents.


4) Our Music


With international pop and rock sensations like Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and Mackelmore, Washington is a destination for music lovers even with the most discriminating tastes. Take it from our experience: Seattle is a place where you can go out on a whim and, by chance, catch a show from an artist that will go on to get a grammy nomination. Even in the smaller cities, you’re likely to find thriving musical communities (fun fact: Indie rock hero Ben Gibbard and jazz legend Quincy Jones are both from Bremerton, WA).


So there you have it. Whether you love a thriving night life, or appreciate the solitude of nature, Washington’s got something to offer you.


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